The below information is supplied by BT solely as a reference document and does not form part of any agreement regarding transfer of ownership of a kiosk from BT.

Telephone kiosk It is strongly recommended that for any painting, structural repairs or inspections of the Kiosk, work should be carried out by companies who are experienced in working with these structures. This information is provided as reference material only and the information contained within is subject to change without notice.

The K series kiosk

K6 kiosks are the familiar red cast iron structures that have been operational since the 1930's. The kiosks are constructed from a number of individual castings made from cast iron, interconnected by mild steel threaded fixings. The door comprises of a wooden framework with a cast iron or aluminium glazing frame. These require regular painting and inspection.

Safety considerations and precautions

Lead paint precautions

The possibility of previous coated organic and inorganic lead paint may exist on a red payphone Kiosk and all relevant health and safety aspects and legislation should be considered and implemented for dealing with such hazards.

Fume or dust from lead or lead compounds can be absorbed by inhalation or ingestion and sometimes through the skin. Excessive absorption, evidenced by high lead content in the blood, leads to lead poisoning.

All waste should be disposed of ensuring that it complies with the current Environmental Protection Act waste disposal policy.

Paint selection

Suppliers of Industrial Paints that have supplied paint to BT are: -

  • Trimite Ltd, Arundel Road, Uxbridge, Middlesex, UB8 2SD
  • Joseph Masons, Nottingham Road, Derby, DE2 6AR
  • International Paint, Stoneygate Lane, Felling, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear NE 10 0JY 

All paint should be applied in accordance with the manufacturer instructions. Alternative suppliers of paints may be acceptable.


The primer for repainting housings should be a universal primer for wood and metal.

All internal & external surfaces to be painted should be primed, clean and dry. No painting should be undertaken when surfaces are damp.

All bare wood or metal surfaces shall have had a minimum of one prime.

The primer should be brush applied. No paint should be applied to the door hinges or closer arm joints. The primer and paint should be applied in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

External quality fillers should be used as required. Fillers used should be single pack Polyester or Epoxy Resins and compatible with the paint system. The appropriate safety precau­tions as indicated by the Manufacturer should be complied with.

 It is recommended that two coats of finish paint should be applied.

White colour paint is recommended inside the kiosk within the ceiling area down to the level of the ventilation openings and a clean horizontal break line should be applied.    

Black colour paint should be applied to the external base of the Kiosk if it is already coloured black.

British Standard Colour References for Paints used previously by BT

Currant Red    BS381C – 539C

Black              BS4800 -  00-E-53

White              BS4800 – 00-E-55

Gold                BS4800

Green             BS4800

Grey                BS4800

Kiosk structure

The structure of the K6 Kiosk should be examined for cracks and breaks, if damage is found an experienced kiosk repair company should be immediately employed to remedy the damage.


Glazing replacement should be toughened glass, certified to BS 6262.

The glass should be bedded in clear silicon mastic, a minimum thickness to glazing bars being employed so as to minimise excess mastic being visible. K6 standard glaz­ing frames should be used to retain the glass with the accom­panying rivets and washers to secure the frames.

Glass door Push / Pull should be fitted adjacent to the handle position in the correct orientation.

`Telephone' glass mounted in the kiosk transom positions should also be bedded in clear silicon mastic. A fixing finish of clear silicon mastic, smoothed to a neat bevel from the glass/polycarbonate to the frame should then be applied to secure the glass in place.

Kiosk door / hinges 

The Kiosk door is made of a hard wood construction, these need to be inspected to establish whether the door is in sound and safe condition. The door should be inspec­ted to ensure it is free from rot, that joints and rails are sound and free from significant damage, and that the door is free from warping. The strap hinges and fixings should also be inspected for any damage or excessive wear.

If the door or hinges are found not to be in a good condition, they should be removed and replaced.

Electrical precautions 

A competent and suitably qualified person should carry out any electrical works in the first instance. After any electrical works has been completed an electrical test should be carried out and a certificate issued showing conformance and compliance.  A scheduled electrical maintenance plan should then be adopted to ensure regular compliance and certification for the life of the kiosk.

BT suppliers

There are a number of companies in operation that carry spare parts for these kiosks and can carry out refurbishments, however, our suppliers are:

Similarly BT has used the following company to carry out painting and various repairs in the past.

While BT does NOT recommend or vouch for the work or products of any particular company listed above for any repairs or parts, it will be necessary to approach a specialist company to ensure that correct parts are provided. Any of the above listed companies will be able to assist while alternative companies and suppliers can also be sourced.

The following is a list of the various component parts found in a K6 series kiosk and may be of use as reference.

K6 Roof Telephone Sign

K6 Power Guarg Washer + Screw M8

K6 Roof Light Complete

K6 Power Guard Plastic

K6 Roof Light Interface

K6 Electric's Board

K6 Roof Sign

K6 Service Chamber

K6 Glazing Frame Large

K6 Facia Panel Black Cash

K6 Glazing Frame Small

K6 Spaceframe Mech Panel

K6 Glass Window Large

K6 Facia Panel Black Card

K6 Glass Window Small

K6 Back Complete

K6 Window Rivets

K6 Door Closer

K6 Door Handle

K6 Door Closer Arm Kit

K6 Door Hinge

K6 Glass Door Push/Pull

K6 Door Shackle Plate

K6 Door LH Glass

K6 Door Shackle Pin

K6 Door RH Glass

K6 Door Strap Shackle

K6 Door

K6 Door Strap

K6 Cover Line and Earth

Listed kiosk information 

In the event that the K series kiosk is listed there are responsibilities attached to the ownership of a listed building which must be adhered too. This can stipulate the colour, component type and materials used, also any physical repositioning of a kiosk.

Further information can be obtained from Historic Environment Division.

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