Carrickfergus Castle - works to the Great Tower roof

Carrickfergus Castle is one of Northern Ireland’s best-known historic monuments. It has been in State Care since 1928, and is now managed by the Historic Environment Division of the Department for Communities.

The castle was founded in the late twelfth century by John de Courcy, a young Anglo-Norman knight who led a military expedition into Ulster.

Carrickfergus Castle has been enlarged and reinforced over the centuries, and remained a military site until 1928, when it was passed into State Care. It is one of the most complete examples of Norman architecture in Northern Ireland, and one of the most complete castles of its type in Britain or Ireland.

It is now time for the Great Tower roof to be replaced. HED have proposed a historically appropriate open Truss oak design, and work will soon begin. The works are being led by the Historic Environment Division, and are intended to secure the integrity of the keep against leaks for several generations and allow a programme of further interpretive and conservation works to take place.

Work to the roof will be accompanied by other facilitation works within the castle complex. This is a major construction project and there will be restrictions on access to certain areas of the castle complex from time to time.

It is intended that most of the castle complex will remain open as usual during the project. There will be a live video feed of the construction and HED hope to host supervised public visits to the works.

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