Heritage in Government Care

In June 2012 the Northern Ireland Executive and the Department of the Environment jointly published a good practice document on the ‘Care of the Government Historic Estate’. The document sets out 12 points of good practice to be followed by each government department.

Care of the Government Historic Estate

The good practice document committed Government to ‘lead by example’ in the care of its heritage features. The Executive also recommended the approach to local government.

The 12 points of good practice can be summarised as follows:

  1. nominate a heritage officer
  2. use practitioners with appropriate qualifications and expertise
  3. ensure the significance of any heritage asset is taken into account when planning change
  4. commission regular condition surveys
  5. implement a planned programme of repairs and maintenance
  6. protect heritage at risk
  7. work to keep buildings in active use
  8. comply with statutory procedures that regulate works to heritage assets
  9. ensure a high standard of work and in the alteration of the historic environment.
  10. prepare a biennial conservation report
  11. identify and record heritage assets
  12. ensure that the historic environment is included in climate change action plans

The biennial report produced by each department is submitted to DfC. We then consider this information and provide a composite report to the Communities Committee of the Assembly. Since the introduction of the Protocol three biennial reports have been produced.

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