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The Department for Communities (DfC) is committed to supporting the provision of art and cultural activities and events in Belfast City Centre.

Published 16 January 2020Guidance literature

These memos contain advice for decision makers on Universal Credit, Personal Independence Payment, new style Jobseeker’s Allowance and new style Employment and Support Allowance.

Published 15 January 2020Guidance literature

The Department for Communities invites applications for the Appointment of a Local Government Boundaries Commissioner

Published 15 January 2020Forms

The amendment relates to the Development Guide – Scheme Approval – Introduction to Scheme Approval

Published 14 January 2020Guidance literature

This report is the third to be produced by the Historic Monuments Council. It follows the format of the second report, which covered the 2009-2012 term of the Council.

Published 13 January 2020Independent reports

This statutory rule is a technical Order giving effect to a statutory requirement to specify the percentage that will be used to revalue the “protected payment” element of a new State pension for persons who reach State Pension age on

Published 09 January 2020Legislation and regulations

This statutory rule allows for the revaluation of new State Pension scheme pension credits and debits that arise when a Pension Sharing Order is made by the courts where divorce proceedings commence from 6 April 2016.

Published 09 January 2020Legislation and regulations

A list of the days in 2020 for hoisting flags on government buildings in Northern Ireland.

Published 08 January 2020Circulars

The Department for Communities (DfC) has an obligation to decide on entitlement to benefit, discharge and issue payment on time.  DfC’s Method of Payment policy is to make benefits or pension payments directly into a standard account.

Published 07 January 2020Legislation and regulations

This policy relates to the provision of a free debt advice service to support over-indebted people in Northern Ireland.  

Published 07 January 2020Legislation and regulations

Líofa’s Gaeltacht Bursary Scheme provides practical support to Líofa participants.

Published 06 January 2020Forms

Hardship | Sure Start Maternity Grant | Funeral Payments | Cold Weather Payments 

Published 06 January 2020Guidance literature

The number of decisions which have not been taken due to the absence of a Minister

Published 30 December 2019FOI/EIR responses

The Department’s most up to date arrangements in advance of Brexit

Published 30 December 2019FOI/EIR responses

Information on the decision to sell a plot of land in Ballee to Green Pastures Church

Published 30 December 2019FOI/EIR responses

Information about the Department’s governance arrangements with the N.Ireland Housing Executive

Published 30 December 2019FOI/EIR responses

The number and a list of Departmental decisions awaiting Ministerial approval

Published 30 December 2019FOI/EIR responses

Article 29 (1) of the Local Government (NI) Order 2005 confers powers on district councils in relation to emergencies.

Published 23 December 2019Circulars

This policy is to deliver a pilot mediation service for Private Rented Sector in NI.

Published 20 December 2019Legislation and regulations

The Scheme of Emergency Financial Assistance (SEFA) is designed to aid individual householders who have suffered severe inconvenience as a result of internal flooding to their properties.

Published 20 December 2019Circulars


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