Over 8,500 buildings are listed in Northern Ireland.

Find out more about each on the Northern Ireland Buildings Database
This database contains address information on all of Northern Ireland’s listed buildings and detailed information on the 75% of the list revisited since 1997 as part of the Second Survey. 
Information on unlisted historic buildings surveyed by the Department can also be found on the database.

Recent changes to the list

The Department is continually adding and removing buildings from the list. The schedules below indicate changes over recent months. If you would like to know more about these buildings please go to the Buildings Database and enter the HB reference number indicated here.

What can be listed?

Practically any man-made structure can be listed and the present list has fountains, memorials, town stocks and phone boxes all included on it. Listing covers the complete interior and exterior of the building and can also extend to fixtures and free standing objects within its curtilage.

Can I nominate a building for listing?

Yes, you can write to us at any time. Check that it is not already listed on the Buildings Database first. Your request will generate a ‘listing query’ and an architect will visit. This initial assessment will decide if there is sufficient cause to commission detailed research.

We prioritise our listing activity on a holistic area based survey (The Second Survey) and other work is prioritised based upon a risk assessment. For this reason it is important that you provide us with the maximum of information on the structure you are proposing and in particular on any threats it may face.

Building Preservation Notices (BPN)

District Councils also have the power to take immediate action to protect an unlisted building as if it was listed for six months. It can issue a BPN if it is of the opinion that:

It is of special architectural or historic interest; and
It is in danger of demolition or of alteration in such a way as to affect its character as a building of such interest.

The Department has issued Guidance for Councils on Building Preservation Notices.

Where can the list be seen?

Copies of the list can be viewed in the Historic Environment Record of Northern Ireland as well as in local libraries. Local councils and divisional planning offices also hold copies of the list for their areas. The address information for all listed buildings is also available on the Northern Ireland Buildings Database.

How are buildings listed?

We have produced a guidance document which explains the listing process in detail:


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