Historic Environment Funding & Grants

Find out about the range of support available to owners and groups to repair, research, and regenerate historic buildings, historic monuments, and the wider historic environment...

The Department’s aim is to ‘help communities to enjoy and realise the value of our historic environment’. One way of doing this is through providing financial assistance.

Funding and the impact of Coronavirus

In this challenging and difficult time, we’re committed to continuing to provide our services and support to everyone as best we can. At present we are reviewing our funding arrangements and budget to ensure that, if we have available funds, that we can target this where it can be most effective at this time. 

Historic Environment Fund

In the financial year 2019/20 the Department sought to support works and activity aimed at: conserving heritage assets and increasing our knowledge and public awareness of the historic environment.

This arranged support under four 'Streams' – Research, Repair, Regeneration and Revival each with a number of funding routes.

Applications closed to most streams of the fund, including help with repair costs, on 10 June 2019.

It is likely that this arrangement will inform the approach taken to funding in 20/21 should this be available, and if you want to find out more detail on the constraints that may apply, you can find more information in the Historic Environment Fund Guidance Notes.        

Heritage Impact Fund

The Department has also provided funding to the Architectural Heritage Fund (AHF) in 2019/20 to support it to provide loans to applicants in Northern Ireland seeking to ‘acquire, reuse or redevelop buildings which are of historic or architectural importance - these may be buildings which are listed, in a Conservation Area, or may be of special significance to the community. The end use should be financially viable and help support the objectives of the organisation and provide impact to or benefits for the communities in which the buildings are based.’

Village Catalyst Pilot

Historic Environment Division is currently working with colleagues in DAERA and the Architectural Heritage Fund to develop a new way to support communities to tackle social isolation and rural poverty in their villages by developing sustainable uses for heritage at risk. A pilot is currently under way. Prospective applicants have been identified based upon previous engagement with the AHF through its DfC supported Growing Community Enterprise Through Heritage project. 

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