The Department for Communities has commissioned Contractors to provide telephone interpreting services to the NI Public Sector. This service is available as and when required including outside normal office hours and weekends. Normal office hours is defined as 08:00 – 18:00 Monday to Friday.

The telephone interpreting service

The service includes telephone Interpreting services, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The telephone interpreting services has been awarded in rank order. Should the first ranked contractor confirm that they cannot meet the required timescales, you should submit a request to the second ranked contractor.

The Bigword (ranked first)

If you are wanting to avail of the services of ‘The Bigword’ you need to request a Client Information Form via email:

Contact: James Toal
Telephone: 0113 303 5219

Language Line Ltd (ranked second)

If you are wanting to avail of the services of ‘Language Line’ you need to request an OPI Agreement NI Framework form via email:

Contact: Tom Langley
Telephone: 0207 715 4572 or 07740 531 394

After you make contact the chosen provider will provide you with a pack that will contain the guidance on the process for requesting an interpreter and a list of language identifiers to help identify the language required. 

The contractor will provide an identity number for each call in the event that clarification is required at a later stage. The contractor must provide a telephone interpretation service by conference facility via any telephone network, including mobile telephone and public telephone boxes.

Costs and rates for using the service

Please email the for pricing information.

As part of the service you will be provided with information on training staff members on the use of the telephone interpreting services and you will be provided with quick reference guides and language identifiers.


The Public Service standards of contract, Specifications, Terms and Conditions of Framework, OPI Agreement Framework and Commercial Conditions of contract for this service are available on request. Please contact

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