Face to face and video interpreting services

The Department for Communities has commissioned Contractors to provide Face to Face & Video interpreting services to the NI Public Sector. This service will be available as and when required and includes outside normal office hours and weekends. Normal office hours is defined as 08:00 – 18:00 Monday to Friday. The service includes face to face & video Interpreting services, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Procedure for requesting interpreters

Where a requirement for an interpreter has been identified the user should contact the contractor via email providing the following information:

  • language required
  • location of assignment or request for video interpreting
  • start date and time of assignment. 
  • duration of assignment
  • any special requirements/details?
  • details of where to report to and who to report to
  • purchase order number (if available)

The contractor should aim to provide an interpreter within 48 hours notice but a shorter period of notice - as little as 2 hours - may need to be given to meet emergency requirements.

Users may request an interpreter with specific gender, religion, regional origins, political affiliation and/or cultural background, the Contractor must accommodate these requests in the deployment of an interpreter.

Flex Language Services

The user should send an email and include the details indicated above to:

Name: Claire McLaughlin
Telephone: 028 9072 7878
Email: info@flexlanguageservices.com

Costs and rates for using the service

Please email the translationhub@communities-ni.gov.uk for pricing information.

The Public Service standards of contract, Specifications, Terms and Conditions of Framework, OPI Agreement Framework and Commercial Conditions of contract for this service are available on request. Please contact translationhub@communities-ni.gov.uk

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