Translation and transcription services

The Department for Communities has commissioned a number of contractors to provide translation and transcription services to the NI Public Sector through qualified, quality control and experienced translators for a wide range of languages. The contractors operate a Service Desk, Monday to Friday, 8.00am to 6.00pm.

Procedure for requesting translations and transcriptions

Where a requirement for a translation or transcription has been identified the user should contact the 1st ranked contractor via email providing at a minimum the following information:

  • the text to be translated or audio file to be transcribed
  • format and typesetting of the translation or transcription
  • confirmation that a proof read is required
  • deadline for return of translation or transcription
  • purchase order number (if available)

Users must attempt to provide the contractor with sufficient notice for the translation/ transcription service.  However the contractor must have the facility to provide a translation/transcription service at short notice and facilitate requests for short timescales for return of documents e.g. within 24 hours, at no additional cost.

Should the 1st ranked contractor confirm that they cannot meet the required timescales, the user must submit a request to the 2nd ranked contractor, and so on with the 3rd ranked contractor.

The Bigword (ranked first)

If you are wanting to use ‘The Bigword’ you should request a Client Information Form via email:

Contact: James Toal
Telephone: 0113 303 5219

Global Connects (ranked second)

If you are using ‘Global Connects’ you should send an email and include the details indicated above.

Name: Fiona Woodford
Telephone: 0141 332 8889

Flex Language Services (ranked third)

If you are using ‘Flex Language Services’ you should send an email and include the details indicated above.

Name: Claire McLaughlin
Telephone: 028 9072 7878

Please contact for pricing information.

The Public Service standards of contract, Specifications, Terms and Conditions of Framework and Commercial Conditions of contract for this service are available on request. Please contact

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