Framework for interpretation, translation and transcription services

The Department for Communities has put in place this arrangement for the provision of interpretation, translation and transcription, sign language and lip speaking services for the NI public sector

Framework information 

Project title: ID2665864 - Provision of interpretation, translation and transcription services

NI public sector officials may require interpretation, translation or transcription services in order to carry out their duties effectively and deliver services to the public. 

The framework provides access to a number of suppliers who can provide these services in a wide range of languages, and also British and Irish sign language. 

Framework start date: 1 February 2022
Framework end date: 31 January 2026

list of organisations which can participate in this arrangement is available.

User protocol

Information is available at the links below, explaining how public sector bodies can access these services:

More information can be obtained from:

Central Translation Hub for the Public Sector

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