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The Department for Communities is the sponsor Department for the Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE). Working together, they have agreed the partnership arrangements between them.

Published 23 August 2023Contract management

This report provides an overview of the first stage in the Department’s work on the implementation of a Debt Respite Scheme for Northern Ireland. 

Published 22 August 2023Research and analysis

The fact sheet provides a quarterly overview of the performance and composition of the Fund for the three months ending 30 June 2023.

Published 16 August 2023Guidance literature

This Addendum seeks to extend the term of the AWS BC by 2 years (from 1 April 2024 to 31 March 2026) to ensure that the Scheme continues to deliver the original policy intent of helping those households in the private sector who are experiencing severe fuel poverty.

Published 16 August 2023Legislation and regulations

Plans for the development of the Mackies Site, Springfield Road

Published 15 August 2023FOI/EIR responses

Housing in the Warrenpoint Burren and Rostrevor

Published 15 August 2023FOI/EIR responses

Decisions not taken in the absence of a functioning Executive

Published 15 August 2023FOI/EIR responses

Number of refugees who entered N.Ireland in the previous two years

Published 15 August 2023FOI/EIR responses

Number of male and female DLA claimants diagnosed with ADHD

Published 15 August 2023FOI/EIR responses

Amount of debt recovered from benefit claimants in the previous five years

Published 15 August 2023FOI/EIR responses

Reviews and appeals of DLA entitlement for children with Downs Syndrome

Published 15 August 2023FOI/EIR responses

Funding for a Skate Plaza in Portrush Recreation Grounds

Published 15 August 2023FOI/EIR responses

An insight into Non-UK Nationals access to benefits in Northern Ireland - 2022

This statistical publication produced by the Department, contains analysis on non-UK nationals living in Northern Ireland, with specific focus on this groups’ current and historical interaction with the benefit system.

Published 10 August 2023Statistical reports

The introduction of this fund for Northern Ireland on 1 June 2022 was a commitment set out in the New Decade, New Approach deal, published in January 2020.

Published 09 August 2023Corporate reports

The purpose of the proposed legislation is to amend various social security regulations to create a new capital disregard for a payment derived from an interim payment paid from the estate of a person who was infected from contaminated blood products.

Published 07 August 2023Legislation and regulations

European Heritage Open Days 2023 runs over the weekend of 9-10 September 2023. This brochure showcases the venues and events across Northern Ireland which are open to the public.

Published 07 August 2023Promotional material

The Department requests information from councils at the end of each Quarter on the processing of invoices as detailed in the circular LG 19/2016 Prompt Payment Guidance.

Published 07 August 2023Financial plans and reports

Revoking Regulation 3(6) & (7) of the Child Support Fees Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2014 is a legislative change that will allow for the continuation of the Collect and Pay process to be used in a Child Maintenance case if either parent objects to using Direct Pay beca

Published 03 August 2023Legislation and regulations

Number of people categorised as homeless

Published 03 August 2023FOI/EIR responses

PIP Claimants with alcohol related issues

Published 03 August 2023FOI/EIR responses

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