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The COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent closure of all non-essential retail has had a devastating effect on the vitality of town and city centres across Northern Ireland.

Published 14 August 2020Legislation and regulations

Universal Credit is a payment for people over the age of 18 and under State Pension age who are on a low income or out of work. Some people on Universal Credit can get help with up to 85% of their childcare costs.

Published 11 August 2020Guidance literature

These Regulations provide specific protection for pension schemes and the Pension Protection Fund (PPF) during a moratorium pursuant to the Insolvency (Northern Ireland) Order 1989.

Published 03 August 2020Legislation and regulations

Engagement in culture, arts and sport by young people in Northern Ireland 2019

Headline statistics on engagement in culture, arts and sport by young people from Northern Ireland: findings from the 2019 Young Persons' Behaviour and Attitudes Survey.

Published 30 July 2020Statistical reports

Vacancies: Statistical Bulletin 2019/20 Financial Year

This statistical bulletin has been produced by the Department for Communities.

Published 29 July 2020Statistical reports

Vacancies: Statistical Factsheet July 2020

This Statistical Fact Sheet, which is published three times a year (along with a more detailed annual bulletin), presents key information on employment vacancies which have been notified to the Department for Communities (DfC).

Published 29 July 2020Statistical reports

The Scheme of Emergency Financial Assistance (SEFA) is designed to aid individual householders who have suffered severe inconvenience as a result of internal flooding to their properties.

Published 28 July 2020Circulars

The Department for Communities (DfC) is investing £10m in the Capital Covid-19 Recovery Revitalisation Scheme which will be used in larger town and city centres, with a further £1m coming from the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) to

Published 27 July 2020Guidance literature

The Department for Communities developed the Access and Inclusion programme in 2018/19 with the aim of providing funding targeted at improving accessibility to arts and cultural venues across Northern Ireland for people with disabilities.

Published 21 July 2020Legislation and regulations

The Memorandum of Reciprocal Arrangements between Great Britain and NI maintains and updates the existing policy of providing a single system of social security across the United Kingdom.

Published 15 July 2020Legislation and regulations

COVID-19 restrictions have impacted on every thread of society here and adhering to them has had serious implications for the sport, recreation and leisure sectors.

Published 10 July 2020Guidance literature

These Regulatory Impact Assessments focus on the three main measures in the Pension Schemes Bill:

Published 02 July 2020Impact assessments

Universal Credit discretionary waivers.

Published 02 July 2020FOI/EIR responses

Irish and Ulster Scots languages spend.

Published 02 July 2020FOI/EIR responses

Review of Councillor pay and code of conduct.

Published 02 July 2020FOI/EIR responses

Regional Programme board meetings and briefing.

Published 02 July 2020FOI/EIR responses

The below document and the guidance within it have been updated as of 26 August 2020 to reflect announcements from the Northern Ireland Executive on shielding for extremely vulnerable people and face coverings.  

Published 29 June 2020Guidance literature

The food parcel initiative emerged in response to the COVID-19 emergency to ensure those who were shielding or vulnerable had access to food during the pandemic. The service is due to end on 26 June for those not shielding.

Published 25 June 2020Guidance literature

The Funeral Expenses Payment scheme provides help towards the cost of a simple funeral.

Published 22 June 2020Legislation and regulations

The Local Government Circular 21/2016 is designed to assist councils to meet the Performance Improvement requirements set out in Part 12 of the Local Government Act (Northern Ireland) 2014.

Published 22 June 2020Circulars

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