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Digest of statistics for the Public Record Office 2022/23

This publication brings together key statistics on the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland.

Published 27 March 2024Statistical reports

HB Memos contain further guidance on the interpretation of legislation to Housing Benefit and should be read in conjunction with the Housing Benefit Decision Makers Guide.

Published 27 March 2024Guidance literature

The (budget) policy is trying to meet the challenge of the Department operating within their current spending limits while delivering services and meeting objectives.

Published 26 March 2024Legislation and regulations

Liquor Licences in Northern Ireland 2023

Headline statistics on the number of liquor licences in Northern Ireland at 31 December 2023.

Published 21 March 2024Statistical reports

Northern Ireland Child Maintenance Service Statistics: Data to December 2023

This quarterly publication provides an overview on the performance of the Child Maintenance Service in Northern Ireland. This publication contains information up to the quarter ending December 2023

Published 20 March 2024Statistical reports

The proposed statutory rule allows earnings factors derived from historic earnings to be restated at current values (i.e. values at tax year 2024/25 determined by reference to Average Weekly Earnings for 12 months ending September 2023.

Published 19 March 2024Legislation and regulations

There is a limit on the total amount of benefit that working age people can get. This is called the Benefit Cap. The Benefit Cap can be applied through Housing Benefit (HB) and Universal Credit (UC).

Published 19 March 2024Legislation and regulations

Minister Gordon Lyons has announced support for 287 Voluntary and Community organisations, funded through the Department’s Voluntary Community Division and Community Empowerment Division.

Published 15 March 2024Lists and registers

This aims to confirm a rent level which is calculated to ensure the Housing Executive can adequately fund its 2024/25 budget and to maintain, to the greatest extent possible, the current value of rents amidst rising costs across the construction sector where costs are continui

Published 15 March 2024Legislation and regulations

Northern Ireland Homelessness Bulletin July - December 2023

The Northern Ireland Homelessness bulletin is a biannual publication which contains information on a range of areas relating to homelessness.

Published 14 March 2024Statistical reports

The proposed statutory rule specifies the percentage by which the guaranteed minimum pension (GMP) element of an individual’s occupational pension entitlement is increased with effect from 6 April 2024 (a person could accrue a GMP in a contracted-out occupational pension

Published 13 March 2024Legislation and regulations

Section 170 of the Pension Schemes (Northern Ireland) Act 1993 allows for the administration costs of the Pensions Regulator and the Pensions Ombudsman, and in part the Money and Pensions Service to be recovered by means of an annual general levy on occupational and personal p

Published 13 March 2024Legislation and regulations

The Department for Communities is the sponsor Department for the Arts Council of Northern Ireland (Arts Council NI).

Published 12 March 2024Guidance literature

These regulations are mainly technical and do not reflect a change in policy.

Published 08 March 2024Legislation and regulations

The provision of support services or signposting to services is a key feature of Intermediate Rent. Intermediate Rent landlords are not required to offer support and advice on specialist matters but should signpost tenants to organisations offering such services.

Published 01 March 2024Guidance literature

Wellbeing and engagement in culture, arts, heritage and sport by adults in Northern Ireland 2022/23

Statistics in relation to wellbeing and engagement in culture, arts, heritage and sport: findings from the 2022/23 Continuous Household Survey.

Published 29 February 2024Statistical reports

Local Government Circular LG 07/2024 – District Council (Northern Ireland) Rate Statistics 2024/2025

Published 29 February 2024Circulars

The above proposed Statutory Rule is an annual, routine order that makes a technical amendment by setting the value of the Pension Protection Fund levy ceiling.  The value of the levy ceiling for 2024-25 is being set at £1,349,215,811.

Published 28 February 2024Legislation and regulations

Universal Credit Statistics - November 2023

Universal Credit is a new payment to help support households that are out of work or are on a low income. Universal Credit was introduced in Northern Ireland on a phased geographical basis from 27 September 2017.

Published 28 February 2024Statistical reports

Benefit Cap Statistics - November 2023

The Benefit Cap is a limit on the total amount of benefit that working-age people can receive. From 31 May 2016, the amount a household could receive in benefit income was limited to £26,000 per annum.

Published 28 February 2024Statistical reports

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