Background information on the Doury Road pilot area within Building Successful Communities.


  • small housing estate
  • properties in three distinct areas – “top” “middle” and “bottom”
  • high density of settled travellers
  • high frequency of demolition of housing stock
  • high levels of anti-social behaviour

Doury Road video

Scheme updates

Doury Road area analysis report and minutes

Doury Road BSC interventions completed and approximate spend

Doury Road - Demolition of Waveney Centre and provision of temporary facility

Demolition of Waveney Community Centre deemed unsafe and unfit for purpose. Provision of a fit for purpose temporary community facility for community activities to improve education, health and wellbeing of residents.

Doury Road Feasibility Study - into central community hub

Feasibility Study, consideration of relocating community facilities with a particular focus on the Waveney Youth Centre and creation of a new permanent Community Centre. Ultimately identify a preferred viable option agreed with key stakeholders through consultation.

Doury Road - Upgrading of street lighting and reinstatement of footpaths and carriageways

Upgrading of street lighting to LED lanterns, reinstate boundary footpaths and entrance carriageways to improve the safety and attractiveness of footpaths for residents and the appearance of the estate. Including new car parking spaces in Kew Gardens and Wayside green with a new footway.

Phase 1.
Phase 2.

Doury Road Regeneration (Top Area)

Cross-departmental Doury Road Regeneration involving carriageway and footpath restoration, upgrading existing and adding new street lights, creation of car parking spaces and alleyway resurfacing.

Doury Road Bus Shelter

Procurement and installation of a new bus shelter at an existing bus stop for the convenience of residents wishing to use public transport on the Doury Road.

Doury Road -Opening access from Sandown Park and Camberwell Way

Opening of road access from Sandown Park and Camberwell Way involved removing a section of fencing and re-instatement of the road and footpath, improving connectivity and allowing traffic to move more freely.

Doury Road EI Scheme - Road Ramps

Removal of illegal speed ramps and installation of new regulation ramps reinstating any road exposed by the removal providing safer roadways and foot paths for residents.

Doury Road - NIHE Environmental Improvement Scheme

Funding for an NIHE Environmental Improvement scheme to improve the appearance of the area.  This included provision of trees to form tree lined avenues; high specification entrance planting; and the replacement of unsightly palisade fencing running throughout the estate.

*Regents Park - Housing Redevelopment

The work was undertaken through the Social Housing Development Programme by Triangle which completed eleven new homes in June 2021.  All homes were allocated and are currently occupied.  NIHE has committed to a Phase 2 development, reporting a strong demand for additional housing stock within Doury Road.

Community Growing Space

Provision of 16 individual allotments to include sheds, tools plus a poly tunnel and utility and communal area. These facilities have been made disabled friendly with a number providing raised growing beds aimed to enable participation and socialisation.

Community Centre

Mid & East Antrim Borough Council is taking the lead on the development of the project. DfC provided a £500k contribution towards the overall estimated build cost of circa £2m. The project is ongoing and due to be delivered by end of December 2024.

*Stock Transfer

Doury Road was identified as a candidate for stock transfer in the first Tranche of the HE Small Scale Voluntary Stock Transfer Project (SSVT) where the NIAO recommended that SSVT could only be progressed through the appointment of a Housing Association by way of open competition. As part of the SSVT process, HE undertook an initial ‘expression of interest’ exercise (without contract or commitment of appointment) and six Housing Associations registered an interest. It was initially envisaged that the Stock Transfer Programme would complement the BSC Programme.  However, when developing the SSVT business case, complexities emerged when aligning with the BSC Action Plan. As a result, a decision was taken to remove the estate from the SSVT Project to allow housing-led regeneration to be taken forward within the context of the BSC pilot.

BSC Intervention approximate spend - £1.63 million.

*The completed housing schemes to date across the six pilot areas represent an investment of circa £7.2m with approximately £4m being provided through a Housing Association Grant. These schemes would have not been delivered without the BSC intervention.

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