Background information on the Lower Falls pilot area within Building Successful Communities.


  • estate in West Belfast
  • new housing stock, but poorly designed with high levels of badly lit streets and entries
  • Falls Ward ranked 2 (second most deprived Ward) in Northern Ireland
  • very low educational attainment and high unemployment – particularly amongst the young
  • very high crime and anti-social behaviour rate - much higher than any other Belfast West constituency or the Northern Ireland average
  • High demand for additional social housing.

Lower Falls video

Scheme updates

Lower Falls area analysis report and minutes

Lower Falls BSC interventions completed and approximate spend

St Joseph’s PS Environmental Improvement scheme

Improvements at St Joseph’s Primary School including provision of 30 external accessible learning boards and refilling of existing planters and flower.

St Peter’s PS Environmental Improvement scheme

Improvements at St Peter’s Primary School including provision of picnic-style tables, kid’s seats, benches, planters, and line marking for two new football pitches and a netball court.

Refurbishment of St Mary’s Community Building

Funding to refurbish St Mary’s Residents’ Association Community Building in order to bring all facilities up to a modern standard and to make the premises more secure and fit for purpose so that it could be fully used by the local community.

Townsend Street Planting Out Scheme

Funding for a planting scheme at Townsend St including excavation of the area, provide kerbing, turf, shrubbery and plants and 5 trees. Bar railings provided in keeping with adjacent land.

Raidió Fáilte site fencing

Erection of fencing to protect future Raidió Fáilte site with gates and associated work to the Westlink Wall and the Backpath.

Raidió Fáilte banner scheme

The purpose of this project was to provide a number of banners on a key site in the Lower Falls BSC area, the aim of which was to counter negative publicity and provide a positive message which highlights and celebrates the achievements and landmarks in the area.

Community Murals Project

Three community murals completed, one each at: Jude Street, Hamill Street and Grovesnor Road, to deliver an intergenerational art project for the Lower Falls area that would form the basis of a historical project.

Alleygating scheme in Divis area

Funding for the removal of 5 old gates and the installation of 12 new lockable alley gates in Lower Falls area. To improve the lives of local residents by addressing anti-social behaviour and criminal activity helping reduce the fear of crime amongst residents.

Relocation of Falls Residents’ Association

Provision of furniture for Falls Residents Association to provide a base that is welcoming to local people, a meeting area for partners to share information and ideas and inform and update residents.

Maureen Sheehan Centre

The project was completed in Nov 2022 and provides wide ranging refurbishments to the exterior façade of the MSC including paving of footpaths, landscaping and planting plus a secure car parking facility for staff.

Westlink Backpath EI Scheme

The project delivered a range of EI improvements on a rundown area of ground at Lower Falls including a dedicated play park and sports equipment. The work was completed in June 2021 with the Minister conducting the official opening of Páirc an Lonnáin in November 2021.

3rd Party Management and Costs for EI schemes

McAdam Design managed both the Westlink Backpath and Maureen Sheehan Centre EI Schemes, including 3rd party costs for planning fees, ground investigations etc.

Belfast Bikes Scheme

Provision of two bike docking stations located at Servia Street and Falls Road, including 14 bicycles and one year’s maintenance and technical costs paid to BCC.

*Ross Street and Romania Rise (SHDP)

Development of a number of social housing units at two adjoining sites to MSC (Ross Street flats and Romania Rise).  All tenants in Ross Street flats were rehoused, the flats were demolished, and the site cleared and building work now underway. Replacement units to be undertaken by Radius HA.

BSC funded the NI Water sewer diversion at Roumania Rise, Belfast (Lower Falls BSC area) essential for Radius HA to progress.

Distillery Street

BSC commissioned a Distillery Street Feasibility Study identified as a priority by the Lower Falls BSC Forum due to the high housing need in the area and a lack of developable land in the Lower Falls area.  The final Feasibility Report was submitted to HE on 23 November 2017. HE actively considered the recommendations of the Feasibility Study Report and subsequently established a Distillery Street Working Group to consider the options further

Westlink Footbridge

BSC commissioned a Westlink Footbridge Feasibility Study identified as a priority by the Lower Falls BSC Forum to address the existing problems associated with the Footbridge and improve its perception, appearance and safety. The final Feasibility Report was subsequently submitted to DfI, the statutory body with ownership of the Footbridge for consideration of the proposals.   

BSC Intervention approximate spend - £2.52 million.

*The completed housing schemes to date across the six pilot areas represent an investment of circa £7.2m with approximately £4m being provided through a Housing Association Grant.  These schemes would not have been delivered without the BSC intervention.

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