Doury Road update - September 2021

The updates below are the most up to date positions advised to BSC.

Catalyst Project- 11 Units at Regents Park

Triangle allocated 11 homes to new residents on 16/06/21. This project is now complete.

Housing regeneration of the Doury Road estate

Works Update -  3, 5 and 9 Camberwell Way - All three properties have roof repair done, no. 5 almost complete waiting on windows and door, Internal work to commence shortly on 1 and 3 then will finish on No. 9.

Tenant moved out of No.1 Camberwell Way in August and internal works will proceed to turn 1&3 into 1 large family dwelling for the same tenant.

Work is ongoing by the new owner of the 4 sold properties in Victoria Park.

Environmental improvements top area Doury Road

All roads, footways, alleyways and parking areas in the estate have now been resurfaced. New street lighting has been installed/repaired where necessary.

This project is complete.

Access improvements Camberwell Way Doury Road

Landscaping community garden at Camberwell Way, widening of existing pathway, fence modification and trimming of trees and hedges.

This project is complete.

Central community hub

M&EA Borough Council has submitted an Economic Appraisal (EA) to DfC/BSC to potentially partially fund a new community centre/hub on the site previously occupied by the former Waveney Community Centre. Outline floor plans have been presented although no formal design work has been undertaken.

DfC/BSC is considering this EA in line with the objectives included in the Regeneration Plan and liaising with M&EA Borough Council to support a positive outcome.


This case has been set down for hearing which means that the Court office is advised that the parties are ready to proceed to a hearing. The protocol, in the court dealing with this type of case, is that when a case is set down the judge will list the matter for review before giving a hearing date. Currently M&EAB Council are waiting for the case to be listed for review and thereafter for hearing. Due to the pandemic the courts were closed for a period of time last year, causing a backlog of cases being worked through in terms of listing matters for reviews and hearings.

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