Building Successful Communities programme board

This page provides further information on the Building Successful Communities Programme Board.

Membership of the programme board

The Building Successful Communities Programme Board was chaired by the Housing Director and Senior Responsible Owner (SRO) for the Programme.

Its membership comprised representatives from the Department, Belfast & Ballymena Council, Northern Ireland Housing Executive, other Government departments, the Public Health Agency and the Northern Ireland Federation of Housing Associations.

The Board's first meeting was held on Monday 31 March 2014.

Programme Board Update

From March 2014, the BSC Programme Board advised and supported the SRO in the delivery of the Programme’s Objectives.  Programme Board’s role was to consider and advise on a range of issues from programme structures to governance and reporting arrangements.  Programme Board members approved the individual Regeneration Plans produced by the consultant for each pilot area and Minister approved the proposed next stage of the Programme.  SRO decided that approval of the Regeneration Plans by Programme Board would be the final requirement of the Programme Board as currently configured. 

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