Doury Road update - September 2020

The updates below are the most up to date positions advised to BSC.

Catalyst Project- 11 Units at Regents Park

Triangles eleven social homes under construction by contractor JFM continues to make good progress considering the delay due to Covid 19. Their anticipated completion date is May 2021 with the possibility of some units being completed in advance of this date.

Housing Regeneration of the Doury Road Estate

NIHE have completed all cyclical maintenance in the top area of the estate, although some tenants refused to have it completed. NIHE have appointed a new contractor who will undertake the refurbishment on the remaining voids in the area.

The decant of the tenant in Camberwell Way may take place by the end of September.

Another offer has been made on the four voids for sale in Victoria Park completion of papers will take place if an agreement is achieved.

Access Improvements Camberwell Way Doury Road

Access improvements at Hyde Pk and Camberwell Way by NIHE –Idverde have now been completed, with new walkways, fencing and seating area. This project also included landscaping of the nearby community garden, with new pavia, shrubs and trees with defined borders.

Environmental Improvements Top Area Doury Road.

With BSC funding, DfI Roads Service have completed improvements in the area, which included resurfacing roadways, pathways and alleyways. Delays were encountered with the upgrades due to the obstruction of residents’ possessions.

New street lighting has been installed. Additional car parking spaces have also been created and bollards installed where necessary.

Central Community Hub

Site investigations/assessments are ongoing re possibility of site moving to the preferred former area at the bottom of the estate.

Encroachment, due to the Covid situation, the courts were not sitting and Council solicitors were also closed for a period. M&EAB Council to make further enquires and update BSC.

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