Tigers Bay & Mountcollyer

Background information on the Tigers Bay & Mountcollyer pilot area within Building Successful Communities.


- estate in North Belfast
- low housing demand
- lowest educational attainment of all pilot areas
- high unemployment
- high incidences of reported crimes

Tigers Bay & Mountcollyer video

Scheme updates

Tigers Bay & Mountcollyer area analysis report and minutes

Tigers Bay & Mountcollyer BSC interventions completed and approximate spend

Physical Improvements at Currie Primary School and Mountcollyer Youth Club Complex

This project is located at the Currie Primary School-Mountcollyer Youth Club site on Limestone Road, Belfast.  The project involved plumbing, new IT benches, electrical work, secure doors between the Mountcollyer and Currie sites, painting, building work (parents’ room, windows, store, common room, corridor and meeting room) and groundwork (fencing, gates, resurfacing of playground and re-pointing.

Tiger’s Bay and Mountcollyer Community Cleanup

The community cleanup took place over 5 days from 17th – 21st August 2015.  The equipment supplied was used by volunteers to remove the heavy weeds on Mervue Street, Mackey Street, Cosgrave Court, Cosgrave Heights, Robina Court and Robina Street.  All litter and dumping in the area was also removed using both the skip hired and the local Belfast City Council Cleansing Services who arranged to collect dumped materials on a daily basis.

Sensory Garden

Art mural and a sensory garden at Currie Primary School.

Newington Presbyterian Church

Improvements at the rear of Newington Presbyterian Church.

Professional and Technical Costs for Potential Environmental & Safety Improvements at Brantwood FC Wall

As the structural survey of the wall identified that the wall was safe, no further work was progressed (and no further costs incurred.

Renewing the Routes Extension

Funding to extend the delivery of Belfast City Councils ‘Renewing the Routes’ scheme from Fife Street to Whitla Street in the Tiger’s Bay and Mountcollyer area to improve the quality of the streets and landscape and the image of the area.

Duncairn Community Gardens Project

Funding for the provision of tools and equipment for Duncairn Garden community project.

Environmental Improvements Scheme - Replacement of Grilles with Reinforced Windows at Currie Primary School, Belfast

Funding for the Education Authority Northern Ireland (EANI) to continue their work to normalise the outside image of Currie Primary School with the removal of 54 security grilles and replacement with reinforced windows at the front and side elevations of the school as well as on the school hall.

Environmental Improvements at 63-73 Halliday’s Road, Belfast

Funding for provision of cladding for homes opposite the 6 new social housing units, to give them a modern look similar to the new homes at Halliday’s Road.  This also involved replacing the fascia /bargeboards & soffits plus guttering and downpipes.

Mountcollyer Resource Centre

Feasibility Study: Identify a variety of funders and help to develop the Mountcollyer Resource Centre as an extended wraparound school.

Feasibility study on possible shared youth & boxing facility for Basement Youth Club and Midland Amateur Boxing Club (ABC)

The completed feasibility study identified options for the Midland ABC and Basement Youth Club identifying both physical and resource requirements for the different user groups.

Tigers Bay and Mountcollyer BSC Street Lighting Upgrade

Funding for Department for Infrastructure (DfI) via their Roads (NI) unit to replace up to 80 street lanterns, lighting columns and associated cabling networks in the Tigers Bay & Mountcollyer BSC pilot area.

*Halliday’s Road Social Housing scheme (SHDP)

A 6-unit 3P/2B social housing scheme was completed in 2017.

*Hogarth Street Social Housing scheme (SHDP)

A 20-unit social housing scheme was completed in April 2020.

*Alexandra Park Avenue/ Gainsborough – Private Housing

Planning permission was secured for 79 units across six sites in April/May 2019.  Work at Glencollyer commenced in March 2021 and these units have been sold on the open market. The remaining sites will be progressed from May 2022 onwards.

BSC Intervention approximate spend - £0.53 million.

*The completed housing schemes to date across the six pilot areas represent an investment of circa £7.2m with approximately £4m being provided through a Housing Association Grant.  These schemes would have not been delivered without the BSC intervention.

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