Doury Road update - May 2021

The updates below are the most up to date positions advised to BSC.

Catalyst Project- 11 Units at Regents Park

Triangle’s eleven social homes in Regents Park have an agreed completion and handover date of 16 June 2021. The new builds consist of 6 semi-detached 2 bedroom houses, 2 semi-detached 3 bedrooms and 2 semi-detached 4 bedrooms with 1 detached 3 bedroom.

Triangle will offer the new homes to those on the NIHE waiting list for the area securing tenancies as soon as possible.

Housing regeneration of the Doury Road estate

Work on the restoration of the voids in Camberwell Way is on-going.

  • The roof repairs to nos 3 & 5 are complete.
  • Roof at 9 Camberwell Way almost complete (delay due to specialist work cleaning the rear of the property to allow access)
  • Internal Works have commenced on the full rewires - the contractor is currently working in 5 Camberwell Way.

The sale of the 4 properties in Victoria Park completed 23 April 2021.           

Environmental improvements top area Doury Road

Resurfacing of all roadways and footpaths are complete in the area. Work is now underway by DfI for six new car parking spaces at Kew Gardens.

Central community hub

M&EA Borough Council has submitted an Economic Appraisal (EA) to DfC/BSC to potentially partially fund a new community centre/hub on the site previously occupied by the former Waveney Community Centre. An outline floor plan has been presented and shared with DRDG however, no formal design work has been undertaken.

DfC/BSC is considering this EA in line with the objectives included in the Regeneration Plan and liaising with M&EA Borough Council to support a positive outcome subject to approval and budget availability.


This case has been set down for hearing therefore waiting to be listed for review and thereafter a hearing. Although due to the pandemic the courts were closed for a period of time last year and almost certainly there is a backlog of cases. M&EA Borough Council continues to await confirmation from the Court office for a review date hearing.

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