Uniting Opportunities is the small grants element of the Uniting Communities Programme. It aims to promote good relations and reconciliation through sport and creativity by addressing barriers to community participation that some young people face. It is targeted at the most vulnerable groups of young people in our society (aged 11-24), who would not normally avail of opportunities to participate.

The programme target groups are:

  • Young & Homeless
  • Young Refugees & Asylum Seekers
  • Young People in Care
  • Young People with a Disability
  • Young People with Poor Mental Health
  • Young Offenders
  • Young People at risk of rural isolation

The programme objectives are:

  • Young people who experience barriers to participation in their communities will have increased confidence, self-esteem and social skills to get involved
  • Young people have a greater awareness of good relations and an increased understanding  of other religious, political, ethnic and marginalised communities
  • Young people are more actively involved in sport and creativity, and are presented with opportunities to sustain their involvement
  • Young people will have developed the appropriate attributes to enable further community engagement, including pathways to the Uniting Communities through sport and creativity programme

Uniting Opportunities has been designed to support our core Uniting Communities programme.  As such, it only seeks projects from where our core programme is being delivered, or is scheduled to be delivered.  Our current delivery areas are:   

  • Ardoyne and Greater Ballysillan (North Belfast)
  • Fountain, Bogside and Bishop Street (Derry~Londonderry)
  • Ballymoney District Electoral Area (North Antrim)
  • Derg District Electoral Area (West Tyrone)

How to apply

Uniting Opportunities (2019 – 2021) is now closed. 

The Department for Communities (DfC) does not anticipate re-opening this funding programme until 2021.  However if required, DfC reserves the right to re-open Stage One at any stage before 2021.  Please follow us on Twitter for any new funding announcements (@CommunitiesNI).  Please read our Uniting Opportunities Information and Guidance Notes for further information.   

Video: Uniting Opportunities - 2018-19

The video below provides an overview of the 2018/19 Uniting Opportunities projects.

Further Information

If you would like further information about this programme please contact us by email;

E: tbuc@communities-ni.gov.uk

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