The Department for Communities, Belfast City Council and the Irish Football Association have recognised the opportunities for positive social impact presented by the Regional Stadia Programme.

As part of the Belfast Community Sports Initiative, the three organisations are collaborating to launch the Stadium Community Benefits Initiative (SCBI), which focuses on maximising the potential of the new National Football Stadium at Windsor Park, Belfast to deliver social benefits.

The overarching objective of the Initiative is to improve the quality of life now and for future generations, especially those who are socially marginalised and excluded across the city. Themes which will guide the implementation of the Initiative’s Action Plan include:

  • encourage wellbeing and healthy lifestyle choices
  • improve community engagement through schools, clubs and youth organisations
  • support new and existing football clubs to uplift their quality and capability

Although football is currently the main delivery sport of the Initiative, it is the intention that other sports' governing bodies will become involved in the future, when the funding allocations and objectives will be reviewed and adjusted.

The structure of the Initiative has been developed by the Department for Communities, Belfast City Council and the Irish Football Association, and will be delivered jointly by the three organisations. The Initiative has an annual resource of £150,000, and a ten year commitment from each of the organisations. 

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