Funding for the voluntary and community sector

Funding to the voluntary and community sector falls into two main areas. One is to support the voluntary and community sector regionally and helping it to grow.  The second is to help the sector to be self sustaining through the development of the social economy and building assets for longer term sustainability.

Regional Infrastructure Support Programme (RISP)

This programme has five strands and supports core costs of regional infrastructure organisations involved in playing a supporting, co-ordinating or development role in relation to voluntary and community sector organisations, particularly in those policy areas which are the responsibility of the Department. Community infrastructure allows new work and new organisations to develop, supports already there, and facilitates networking.

More information on Regional Infrastructure Support Programme

Investment Readiness Programme

The Department for Communities is developing a support programme to help third sector organisations grow, better access finance, and achieve long term sustainability. This is part of the government’s vision for a 'modern, enterprising, efficient and sustainable VCS/ Third Sector which is a public good, and which improves the functioning of society and the effectiveness of government.' 

More information on the Investment Readiness Programme

Asset transfer and the development of the social economy

Development Trusts NI (DTNI) have been appointed as the Department’s delivery partner for Community Asset Transfer. DTNI’s role is to develop capacity and skills within the voluntary and community sector to enable organisations to take advantage of future opportunities. 

More information on Asset Transfer and the development ofd the social economy

Government funders database

The Government Funding Database holds records of applications and funding to voluntary and community sector organisations.  

More information on the Government Funding Database


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Access to information

How to request information from the Department for Communities including Freedom of Information (FOI) and the use of our Publication Scheme.

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