This element of the Uniting Communities programme ensures that a high quality and standardised training package is delivered to Young Leaders across all Uniting Communities areas.

The accredited training package has been specifically designed to enable Young Leaders to develop and progress to reach their full potential.  Training is also accompanied by personal mentoring support from our delivery partner Co-operation Ireland

After graduating from a Uniting Communities programme, there are opportunities for young leaders to take their leadership training to the next level and take on a new role of ‘Ambassador’. As an Ambassador, the Young Leader will act on behalf of the Uniting Communities Programme to engage, encourage, and inspire other young people to make positive changes in their own lives and inspire others in their community. 

Ambassadors will also include local individuals who are held in high regard by a community for a particular achievement or success or whose life stories are inspirational to others. Quite often, it is these people who can inspire change in others.

Further Information

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