Employment programme statistics

Statistical publications on the Department’s Employment Programmes. The publications contain analysis on programme participation, key personal characteristics of participants and numbers moving into employment. 

Steps 2 Success

The statistical release below is produced by the Department for Communities (DfC) and provides information on the Department’s return to work programme, Steps 2 Success.

Steps 2 Success was introduced across Northern Ireland on 20 October 2014 replacing the Steps to Work programme. The Steps 2 Success programme closed to all participants with effect from 31 March 2021. 

Publication schedule

Steps 2 Success statistics were disseminated through a Statistical Bulletin which includes information relating to the number of participants moving into and sustaining employment as well as the number of referrals to, and starts on, the programme. The final release of the publication can be accessed below.  

Final release:

Employment Service Support

The statistical release below provides information on the Employment Service Support which was introduced to facilitate the transition between Steps to Work and Steps 2 Success employment programmes. Employment Service Support started taking enrolments on the 2 June 2014 and stopped on 31 March 2015.

Publication schedule

Employment Service Support statistics were disseminated quarterly through a Statistical Factsheet.

The final release was published on 22 June 2016 and provides key statistical information on the number of starts and those who moved into employment on leaving.

The Employment Service Support statistical release can be accessed below.

Final release:

Youth Employment Scheme

The statistical factsheet and accompanying tables are produced by the Department and provide analysis on participation and outcomes for the YES programme.

YES programme

YES was launched by DEL in July 2012, with the aim of assisting young people aged 18-24 to find work. The scheme was entirely voluntary and gave young people the opportunity to gain work experience, develop additional skills and achieve recognised qualifications. The scheme was originally launched as a three year initiative intended to run until the end of March 2015. Although subsequent YES components were re-introduced in August and November 2015 the focus of the publication below covers the original programme over the period July 2012 - March 2015.

Publication schedule

The statistical factsheet below covers the period July 2012 – March 2015.


Steps to Work

The statistical release and research reports below provide information on the Department’s return to work programme, Steps to Work. The programme was designed to assist those who were unemployed or economically inactive to find and sustain employment. Steps to Work was subsequently replaced by the Steps 2 Success programme which commenced on the 20 October 2014.

The final release in this series was published on 9 November 2016 and provides key statistical information on programme starts, leavers, occupancy and Contract Management Area Statistics.

The Steps to work statistical release can be accessed below:

Final release

Quality assurance

Information on how the statistics are compiled including data collection and production can be accessed below.

Steps to Work research

The Department commissioned the following Steps to Work research projects to inform and review the implementation of its policies, programs and initiatives.

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