Finding staff

If you want to recruit the right employees for your company the Department’s Employment Service can help

Helping you find the right people for your business

From multi-national companies to the shop-owner on the corner, the Employment Service operates a tailored recruitment service right across Northern Ireland.

A team of highly experienced experts can discuss your needs and tailor a level of service to meet your needs through a start to finish service. You will have a single point of contact throughout the entire process.

The assistance we provide includes:

  • bespoke event planning and management (for example, job fairs, recruitment campaigns, information sessions, masterclasses)
  • brand awareness – site visits/familiarisation visits to raise awareness of your company and roles and responsibilities of current vacancies
  • consultation around recruitment needs and agreed end to end service
  • job vacancy advertising and management – employers can register through with vacancies advertised throughout NI and Europe via JobCentre Online
  • advice on current employer subsidies available to you, if you are recruiting from the unemployed
  • information and advice on other DEL programmes and services available to you

Network of offices

Our network of 35 Jobs and Benefits offices and JobCentres throughout Northern Ireland offers a range of no cost services to help you to find suitable employees.

Employment and training programmes

Some subsidies are also available if you are willing to help unemployed people who are not 'job ready' by providing them with opportunities to train to your specifications in your working environment, through participation in a range of employment and training programmes such as Steps 2 Success, Apprenticeships and Training for Success. During this time you will have the benefit of assessing their abilities for permanent employment.

Disability Employment Service (DES)

DES supports people with health conditions and disabilities. It provides a range of programmes to assist Departmental customers obtain and retain suitable employment. They can also advise on what assistance is available. The Occupational Psychology Service provides a comprehensive information and assessment service to assist people with disabilities and employers. For further information go to 'Recruit and retain People with Disabilities' on website below:

Recruit and retain people with disabilities

The Disability Employment Service (DES) is committed to helping employers recruit and retain disabled employees. It provides a range of practical and financial help so you can find the right person for your vacancy or company.

Each Jobs and Benefits office or JobCentre provides a range of services to help you to find the right person for your vacancy, including people with disabilities, who have the abilities you need for your company.

Through the network of Employment Service Advisers and the Occupational Psychology Service, a comprehensive information and assessment service is provided and can advise on the following:

  • recruiting disabled people
  • retaining employees who become disabled
  • financial help to employ people with disabilities through the Job Introduction Scheme, Access to Work (NI) and Workable (NI)
  • job / employee assessment and job / environment redesign
  • equipment and ergonomics in the workplace
  • accessibility of premises
  • development of disability awareness
  • development of good employment practices
  • Workable (NI) Case Studies


Should a redundancy situation arise, we can come to your premises and provide your employees with information, advice and guidance on all aspects of jobsearch and further training for those who need new skills. We can also arrange for partner organisations to provide benefit advice and information on other issues of concern, at the same time.

Recruitment events

We can arrange open day/evenings, where you can meet jobseekers to discuss job opportunities.

Sifting applications

We can help you by identifying a shortlist of potential candidates, using your vacancy criteria.  You may find this particularly useful if you do not have a dedicated Human Resource facility.

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How to request information from the Department for Communities including Freedom of Information (FOI) and the use of our Publication Scheme. You may also request your own personal information, via a Right of Access Request.

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