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Build heritage, technical guidance note 48 on windows and doors.

Published 10 May 2006Guidance literature

Build heritage, technical guidance note 54 on glazed external protection for windows.

Published 10 May 2006Guidance literature

This Internal Business Security Handbook provides general advice and information about internal business security. Most sections in this handbook apply to everyone, but some apply only to line managers. These are indicated in the appropriate sections.

Published 06 January 2006Guidance literature

The Regulatory Framework for Registered Housing Associations in Northern Ireland sets out arrangements to enable the Department to improve accountability of RHA.

Published 01 January 2006Policy papers

Guidance on meeting UK government commitments in respect of Irish and Ulster Scots.

Published 31 August 2005Guidance literature

This document is produced by the Department and provides guidance on best practice in finance and governance in the voluntary and community sector.

Published 19 July 2005Guidance literature

Inventory of the Heritage Gardens of Northern Ireland.

Published 01 December 2004Lists and registers

In June 2003, Government launched Neighbourhood Renewal - People and Place.  Neighbourhoods in the most deprived 10 percent of wards across Northern Ireland were identified resulting in 36 areas being targeted for intervention.

Published 01 June 2003Policy papers

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