Feedback Survey on the Building Successful Communities Programme

Consultation opened on 08 January 2024. Closing date 04 February 2024.


The Department for Communities (DfC), Housing Division, has commenced a Review of its Building Successful Communities (BSC) Programme. The surveys’ purpose is to evaluate the BSC Programme against original plans and objectives including an overview of the financial intervention by pilot area. The Review’s final report is intended to assist informing and shaping any future policy.

Consultation description

BSC is consulting using an online feedback survey on Citizen Space for each of the six pilot areas in the Building Successful Communities Programme.  

BSC is seeking the views of key stakeholders and other interested parties to analyse if the Building Successful Communities (BSC) Programme has met key objectives.  The objectives being measured are detailed in the survey.

The Building Successful Communities (BSC) initiative was part of the Facing the Future - Housing Strategy for Northern Ireland and aimed to use housing intervention as one of the main catalysts for local regeneration and launched in October 2013.  The Programme identified six areas based on the level of housing need and the scale of social housing market failure in these areas.  The six areas, ultimately selected for interventions were:

  1. Doury Road, Ballymena
  2. Lenadoon and Glencolin, Belfast
  3. Lower Falls, Belfast
  4. Lower Oldpark and Hillview, Belfast
  5. Lower Shankill and Brown Square, Belfast
  6. Tigers Bay and Mountcollyer, Belfast

The intervention undertaken in each area can be viewed by clicking on the corresponding link.

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