Independent Review of Charity Regulation

The Minister for Communities has commissioned an Independent Review of Charity Regulation in NI, which commenced on 25 January 2021. The review will consider the Charities Act (NI) 2008 (the Act) and the roles of the Charity Commission and the Department thereunder. In particular, it will examine whether the Commission’s performance within the existing legal framework strikes the right balance, in light of best practice, between supporting charities to do the right thing and deterring, or dealing with, misconduct. It will make recommendations on changes that can be made to improve the delivery of services and the operation of the regulatory framework going forward.

Video on the Independent Review of Charity Regulation in Northern Ireland

The video below provides more information on the review and how you can get involved.

Getting involved

The Minister has expressed her intention that the review will be as inclusive as possible and the Panel is committed to hearing the views of as many individuals and interests as possible.

Read the full Terms of Reference for the Independent Review of Charity Regulation in NI.

Register for one of the Panel’s webinars which will run from 12 April – 29 April 2021.

Engagement meetings/seminars



Charities in rural areas

Mon 12 April 2021

11am – 12 noon

Medium sized charities

Tues 13 April 2021

1pm – 2pm

Small charities 

Mon 19 April 2021

6:30pm– 7.30pm

Large charities 

Wed 21 April 2021

1pm– 2pm

General public

Thurs 22 April 2021

11am – 12 noon

Solicitors / Developing Governance Group

Mon 26 April 2021



Tues 27 April 2021

11am– 12 noon

Accountants / Developing Governance Group

Wed 28 April 2021


General public 

Thurs 29 April 2021

1pm – 2pm

Please complete this questionnaire to submit your views to the Panel in writing. This questionnaire will close on 12 May 2021.

If you have any queries please contact

Timeline of the review period of charity regulation in Northern Ireland

Development updates

14 April 2021

The Independent Panel met with representatives of Rural Charities and of Medium Sized charities; they were informative and constructive sessions which yielded good engagement and feedback. The Panel is thankful for the participation of all who attended and for NICVA's facilitation of these sessions. 

The independent review panel

The independent panel is being led by Dr Oonagh B. Breen, a Professor of Law at the Sutherland School of Law, University College Dublin.  She will be joined on the panel by Rev Dr Lesley Carroll, Prisoner Ombudsman NI and Noel Lavery, former Permanent Secretary in the NICS.

Dr Oonagh B. Breen

Dr Oonagh B. Breen

Dr Breen is a Professor of Law at the Sutherland School of Law, University College Dublin. A graduate of UCD and Yale Law School, her research focuses on comparative charity law regulation and governance. She has worked with the non-profit sector, charity regulators and policymakers in a number of jurisdictions (including Ireland, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada). Oonagh is President of the International Society for Third Sector Research (ISTR) and a member of the international advisory council to the International Center for Not-for-Profit Law (ICNL).  She is the author of the Enlarging the Space for European Philanthropy Report (DAFNE & EFC, 2018) and co-author of Breen and Smith, Law of Charities in Ireland (Bloomsbury, 2019).

Rev Dr Lesley Carroll

Rev Dr Lesley Carroll

Rev Dr Carroll is the NI Prisoner Ombudsman. She was the former Deputy Chief Commissioner of the Equality Commission and worked at Victim Support NI. Lesley worked for 25 years as a Presbyterian Minister in North Belfast and focussed on linking congregation and community organisations to achieve change. She is a Board member at two local charities: Forum for Cities in Transition Belfast and The Presbyterian Children’s Society. Lesley’s interest outside of work is resilience and she is a Community Resiliency Model trainer.

Noel Lavery

Noel Lavery

Noel was formerly Permanent Secretary of a number of NICS Departments before retiring from the Department for the Economy in November 2019. The first 15 years of his career were in the private sector and he has been a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland since 1995. He is a board member of two local charities; Big House (Ireland) and Cancer Focus Northern Ireland.


Frequently asked questions

Why is there a need for a review?

The February 2020 Court of Appeal judgment which dismissed the Appeal by the Charity Commission against Madam Justice McBride’s High Court Judgment of May 2019 found that the Charity Commissioners were the body corporate, “the Commission”, and that they do not have implied or express power to delegate their functions to staff acting alone. This means that decisions previously taken by the staff of the Commission are now unlawful. 

Through Minister’s engagement with sectoral representatives it was established that in addition to addressing the immediate issues negatively impacting charities as a direct result of the Court judgments, a wider review of charity regulation would be welcome. 

What will the review consider?

Read the Terms of Reference for the Review.  

Will the review assess the decisions which the Charity Commission staff took prior to the May 2019 McBride High Court decision?

The review will not revisit decisions in individual cases but will examine the legal and regulatory framework and the performance of the current regulator within it. The role of the Department will also be examined. The review will focus on learning from past experience in order to inform future development. The panel will make recommendations on changes that can be made to improve the delivery of services and the operation of the regulator going forward. The Terms of Reference detail the particulars of the scope of the review. 

Separately the Board of the Commission has commissioned a review by Independent Counsel into the actions taken by the Commission in relation to two specific statutory inquiries. The outcome of this review will provide some of the assurances sought by the Department in relation to the actions of the Commission at the time of the relevant statutory inquiries and what lessons have been learned. The Terms of Reference for that Review can be found on the Commission’s website. 

How was the independent panel convened?

The panel was appointed by the Minister for Communities on the basis of their experience and expertise, which includes a deep understanding of charity regulation, charity law, the community and charitable sector, and good corporate governance.

When can I submit my views?

Register for one of our webinars which will take place between 12 – 29 April 2021. Submit your written views to inform recommendations to Minister through our questionnaire which will be available on this page between 12 April and 12 May 2021.  

When will the review report be published?

The Minister will decide on publication of the final review report. 

How much will the review cost?

The costs associated with the review are approximately £111k. 

This page is managed by a small support team for the purposes of the Independent Review Panel, and will provide updates from the panel throughout the course of the review.

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