European Heritage Open Days

European Heritage Open Days (EHOD) is Northern Ireland’s annual celebration of local architecture, history and culture. Each year many properties and locations open their doors to the public to host lots of free events. This year EHOD 2021 is taking place from 6 to 12 September.

EHOD 2021

European Heritage Open Days 2021 6 to 12 September Exploring our hidden history together

Registration has now closed but if you are you interested in taking part in future European Heritage Open Days as an event organiser or venue owner then please get in touch with us or subscribe to our mailing list for the very latest news and information

The physical events (both indoor and outdoor) will run from 10 to 12 September whilst the digital events will run from 6 to 12 September.

The week-long digital event will include virtual visits to sites and properties, guided tours and a host of online lectures and talks whilst the in-person events will see properties open their doors to the public as well as a hosting lectures and talks.

We are currently developing our EHOD brochure for 2021 and will publish it here in the coming weeks. The brochure will provide details on all the events and the venues that will open to visitors for the duration of EHOD.

The theme for EHOD 2021 in Northern Ireland is ‘Inclusion – exploring our hidden history together’.

For more information or to get in touch with the EHOD Team:
Telephone: 028 9082 3207 
Facebook @LoveHeritageNI
Twitter @LoveHeritageNI
Instagram @LoveHeritageNI

We can promote your EHOD event for free

We can help you promote your offer to the public for free on our LoveHeritageNI social media channels, Department for Communities website and the Discover NI website. If you have registered as an opener this year you will also feature in our online brochure. We can also provide promotional material and help you manage bookings for your event/ property if needed – all for free.

What is happening for EHOD 2021?

For EHOD 2021 we have confirmed 214 properties who will be opening their doors to the public free of charge during 10 – 12 September.

We have confirmed 60 online events running from 6 - 12 September to include talks, virtual tours and lectures.

This year EHOD will run for longer giving you the chance to get involved. Some of the highlights for this year include: The Ulster American Folk Park in Tyrone, The Tower Museum in Derry/Londonderry, Fermanagh’s Portora Castle, A guided tour of Cultra Manor in Down and a Tour of Belfast City Cemetery.

Why it’s called ‘European Heritage Open Days’ 

The Continent of Europe consist of countries who are members of the European Union (EU) as well as countries who are not in the EU.   So although the UK left the EU, it’s still part of Europe.  The Council of Europe (CoE), who run European Heritage Days across Europe, is a separate organization from the European Union.  It promotes Europe’s diversity of cultures, arts and cultural heritage. 

European Heritage Days (known as ‘European Heritage Open Days’ in Northern Ireland) are the most widely celebrated cultural event shared by the citizens of Europe. This event raises awareness of the many values of our common heritage and the continuous need for its protection. That ties in with the aims of the Department for Communities Historic Environment Division (Love Heritage NI brand) who coordinate this event in Northern Ireland.

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