Consultation opened on 28 November 2023. Closing date 04 March 2024.


The Department of Justice (DoJ), together with the Department for Communities (DfC), is consulting on proposals to amend the legislation to help tackle Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB).
Addressing the issue of ASB is a priority for both Departments. A commitment to review ASB legislation was included in the draft Programme for Government 2016-21, and this work remains ongoing.

Consultation description

The DoJ consultation is seeking views on four pieces of legislation, policy responsibility for which falls across both departments, with a view to ensuring relevant authorities have effective and proportionate powers to help address ASB and its effects within our communities. The proposals relate to:

  1. Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs) (DoJ);
  2. Drinking in Public (DoJ & DfC, Social Policy Unit);
  3. Injunctions Against Anti-Social Behaviour (DfC, Housing); and
  4. Absolute Grounds for Possession in social housing (DfC, Housing).

The purpose of this consultation is to seek the views of stakeholders on the proposed amendments to ensure that powers available to relevant authorities (Councils, Police and Social Housing providers) are proportionate, effective and will have an appropriate impact on addressing ASB and its effects within our communities.

We would welcome your comments on these proposals.

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