Urban Development Grant Scheme

Urban Development Grant (UDG) is a discretionary grant scheme with the main aim of encouraging the economic, physical and social regeneration of disadvantaged urban areas across Northern Ireland, by promoting regeneration.

This is done by encouraging investment in property to improve:

  • The economy (by assisting the expansion of local businesses and the creation of jobs); and
  • The environment (by the improvement of the appearance of new buildings on derelict sites).

The key objectives of the UDG scheme are:

  • To act as an enabler – where necessary – for private investment;
  • To create and/or retain permanent jobs in town/city centres and disadvantaged urban areas; and
  • To improve the environment of town/city centres and disadvantaged urban areas by improvements to the physical fabric.

Types of project supported

A range of physical development projects may attract UDG including:

  • retail
  • commercial
  • light industrial
  • housing

How to apply for funding

Presently, there are no Urban Development Grant schemes open for application.

You can apply for an Urban Development Grant by downloading and completing an Urban Development Grant application form. You can also ask the Regional Development Office for a hard copy.  Please read the Urban Development Grant application pack before completing the application form.

You will need to provide the following information:

  • the nature of the project;
  • cost details;
  • employment implications;
  • timescale for the project;
  • nature of assistance required;
  • type of economic activity for which the building will be used;
  • the development experience of the applicant;
  • other potential sources of funding;
  • overall project benefits.

Please read the application form carefully before completing and submitting an application.

State aid

This grant operates under the European Commission’s General Block Exemption Regulation (GBER). All aid provided under this scheme will be within the limits set out in Articles 14 and 56 of Commission Regulation (EU) No 651/2014 of 17 June 2014 (as amended by Commission Regulation 2017/1084 on 14 June 2017) declaring certain categories of aid compatible with the internal market in application of Articles 107 and 108 of the Treaty (General Block Exemption Regulation).

More information is provided in the Urban Development Grant application packs.

Contact details

You can get additional information and hard copies of the forms from our Regional Development Offices;

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