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The department is accountable for the Creating Shared Public Spaces theme of Peace III and expects to fulfil a similar role under Peace IV. We ensure that accounting procedures are strictly followed as well as the relevant national and European regulations.

The PEACE Programme

The PEACE Programme is a distinctive programme part-funded by the European Union through its Structural Funds programme. The full title is the EU Programme for Peace and Reconciliation in Northern Ireland and the Border Region of Ireland. To date there have been three PEACE Programmes (I,II, and III) with a draft PEACE IV Programme scheduled. You can read more on the PEACE IV – Programme Overview page on the SEUPB website.

Our role as Accountable Department

This department and the Department for Intrastructure, Community and Local Government in the Republic of Ireland are the 'Accountable Departments' within their respective jurisdictions, for Priority two Theme one; Creating Shared Public Spaces.

We ensure that Government Accounting NI and departmental accounting procedures are strictly followed, as well as the relevant national and European regulations.  

This includes:

  • the scrutiny of financial and management data provided by SEUPB
  • the application of appropriate financial and management control to safeguard public funds
  • processing applications for the advancement of monies to ensure that grants are released in accordance with conditions of grant

The department has a close working relationship with SEUPB one of the North/South Implementation Bodies established in 1999 and which carries out the role of managing authority. Th department is represented on the programme monitoring committee, steering committee and project boards for individual projects.

Peace Programme funded projects

The Creating Shared Public Spaces theme of PEACE III for which this department is responsible has funded 18 projects.  Below is a list of all the shared space projects we have been involved with and there is a summary of a few of the individual projects.  

Amounts funded

PEACE III draws on a €225m pot from the European Union with a further €108m made up from national contributions.  The eligible area for the PEACE III Programme is Northern Ireland and the border counties of Louth, Monaghan, Cavan, Leitrim, Sligo and Donegal.  

The department is responsible for the theme of Creating Shared Public Spaces. Over the PEACE III funding cycle DSD will pay out over €68m of a total priority value of €107m from which up to 75 per cent may be reimbursed from the European Commission.

The PEACE III programme runs from 2007 – 2013 but projects will continue to be delivered until the 31 December 2015.

PEACE III project list

Below is a list of the 18 shared space projects funded under PEACE III. These links to external websites and facebook pages will give an insight to how these projects are progressing or are currently being used by the community:

Examples of PEACE III projects

The Peace Bridge

The construction of an iconic foot and cycle bridge acts as a catalyst for change, joining the city physically, promoting interaction and engagement among communities and bringing back into public use, the former Ebrington Military Barracks for the first time in over 150 years. Creating new shared space and ultimately contributing to a new shared society.

Castle Saunderson Scouting Jamboree

The project which is located in the Castle Saunderson estate which straddles the border between Co Fermanagh and Co Monaghan has created an all Ireland permanent jamboree site, which attracts young people from throughout Ireland and abroad for regional, national and international events.

The Peace Link Sports Facility

The project creates a cross-border sports and recreational facility for the benefit of people living in Clones (County Monaghan) and Erne East (eastern part of County Fermanagh). The project promotes active participation in sporting endeavours on a cross-community basis in order to build positive relationships from people of different backgrounds and cultures.  

Skainos Project

This project provides shared space for community transformation and renewal and contributes to the economic regeneration of Inner East Belfast. It provides a community hall, community café, day nursery and several activity rooms, including a dance studio, arts and crafts room, IT suite and a Belfast Metropolitan College training facility. A significant element of social housing is also included in the overall scheme which has provided apartments and supported housing for the homeless.

Small Wonders Childcare II

The Small Wonders project is based within the Lower Shankill and Lower Falls area provides a high quality childcare and education facility for use on a cross community basis. The project has been developed by the Shankill Women’s Centre.


Any queries should be directed to the European Unit (Urban Policy)  As well as the responsibilities shown above this Unit also deals with issues arising from former EU Programmes such as Peace I, Urban I, Physical Social and Environmental Programme, Interreg IIA, Peace II, Urban II, Building Sustainable Prosperity and Interreg IIIA.

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