Former New Town Lands

The department has responsibility for land which had been vested to create New Town Lands. The legislation to create the New Towns was set aside, this land has become surplus and we are now responsible for the sale and maintenance of these Former New Town Lands.


In 1969 areas were designated to create the new city of Craigavon and to expand the towns of Antrim and Ballymena. These were called New Town Lands. At that time land was vested and development of the areas has been controlled by various government departments and agencies, currently this department.


In 2008 the legislation that allowed these New Town Lands to be created was set aside. These areas became known as 'Former New Town Lands'. This meant that the land was declared surplus and was to be disposed of in line with government procedures. The department has responsibility for managing the sale and maintenance of this land until it is disposed of.


Lands Service is responsible for Former New Town Lands
Central Advisory Unit in Land and Property Services is responsible for the disposal of surplus public sector property In Northern Ireland.

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