MAG - Well-being, sustainability and the economy

MAG is here to support communities, developers, local authorities and government to create high quality buildings and places that promote well-being, sustainable futures and the economy in Northern Ireland. We do this by providing independent, expert advice on development proposals to facilitate the planning process and deliver results that consider our built environment holistically. The built environment is fundamental to the way we live our lives. Northern Ireland must confront a series of challenges in our built environment to help address the well-being of our people, the climate emergency and support our regional economy. These challenges are not mutually exclusive and will be important underlying issues in the design review process.


There is the perception that:

  • Well-designed buildings and places cost too much money and time to deliver;
  • Viability and aspiration are not aligned;
  • The design and planning process takes too long and is uncertain;
  • Development does not address community needs;


MAG seeks to address these challenges and facilitate efficient design and development. We offer:

  • Free and impartial advice from experienced professionals in the fields of architecture, landscape, planning, transport and community engagement.
  • Independent advice to mediate and expedite the engagement between local authority planners and developers.
  • A design review process that facilitates best outcomes quickly.
  • MAG will provide best practice and relevant precedents.
  • By engaging with MAG, promoters can demonstrate an open and robust design development process.
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