MAG provides Briefing and Design reviews by a panel of experienced practitioners.

MAG Briefing and Design reviews allow for the timely input of informed, independent and constructive expertise into the initial decision making and later design process in order to promote design excellence. Underlying the process is a conviction (based on evidence), that design excellence ultimately delivers tangible and sustainable value for the project’s promoters, end-users, and society; design excellence is a positive attribute, not a cost.

A MAG design review will provide best practice and relevant precedents. By engaging with MAG, promoters can demonstrate an open and robust design development process. 


  • At strategic decision-making stage;
  • During the briefing process;
  • During the design development process up to a planning submission;

Who can call for a MAG review?

  • Developers / Promoters / Project Teams
  • Design Teams
  • The Planning Authority within the District Councils
  • The Planning Authority within the Department for Infrastructure.
  • Design Teams
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