MAG attendance at events - European Healthcare Design Congress, June 2016

MAG was selected to contribute a poster at a major conference in London in June 2016.

Hosted by the Royal College of Physicians and convened by Salus, the European Healthcare Design Conference’s title was “Vanguards of Change – Co-designing services and settings to improve quality and access.”

As part of its recent Civic Stewardship outreach work within Northern Ireland’s health sector, MAG has led with a “Healthy Treats” concept, replacing old-fashioned jars full of sweets with jars full of fruit and items for physical activity and play. MAG’s poster at the conference exhibition, entitled “Health Ironies – Practising Civic Stewardship” concentrates on using the Healthy Treats concept in practice. By thinking differently about the use of space itself and the provision of services within it, we can help change attitudes and practices. Providing jars full of healthy treats instead of installing generic snack machines could lead to hospital waiting areas becoming more holistically healthy places.

The poster, shown above, was presented by MAG Expert Advisor Marianne O’Kane Boal who attended the congress. It inspired interested and enthusiastic comments from a range of delegates, working in Europe as well as further afield in Israel and Canada.

View the event at the European Healthcare Design 2016 website which includes a comprehensive range of material including videos of some speakers, articles by others, and other posters presented.

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