Housing regulation

The Department for Communities is the Regulatory Authority for Registered Housing Associations* (RHAs) in Northern Ireland.

About housing regulation

The Department operates its statutory regulatory function under Article 4 (1) (c) of The Housing (Northern Ireland) Order 1992.

The Housing Regulation Branch undertakes regulation activity on behalf of the Department. Our vision is to deliver a modern, tailored, proportionate and cost effective regulatory process which protects the interests of our tenants. We do this by setting high level, outcome focussed standards which RHA Boards are responsible for ensuring compliance with. Our key functions are to:                                  

  1. Monitor, assess and report on the performance of RHAs in relation to housing activities;
  2. Monitor their financial well-being and standards of governance and, where appropriate, increase our engagement with them to achieve our objectives.
  3. To create through regulation a Social Housing sector that is viable, efficient, well governed and able to deliver homes to meet a range of needs.
  4. To ensure social housing tenants are protected and are provided opportunities to be involved with their RHA.

*RHAs are referred to as Registered Housing Associations in The Housing (Northern Ireland) Order 1992

Contact us

Housing Regulation Branch
Causeway Exchange
Department for Communities
1-7 Bedford Street

Telephone: 028 9082 3280
Email: HAgovernance@communities-ni.gov.uk 

Registered housing associations

There are currently 20 RHAs in Northern Ireland.

Additional information is provided on each RHA by individually selecting them below:

Housing regulation reports


For more information please see our Housing Regulation Advice Notes.

Consumer standard

View the Tenant Participation Strategy 2015-2020.

Finance standard

View the Finance tables which provide supporting documentation.

Governance standard 

View the Application form to become a Registered Housing Association.

Housing regulation - coronavirus (COVID-19)

For information please see our latest Housing regulation COVID-19 advice and guidance.

Access to information

How to request information from the Department for Communities including Freedom of Information (FOI) and the use of our Publication Scheme.

Accuracy of information

Our Regulatory Judgements and level of regulatory engagements have been decided from the information supplied to us as part of the Regulatory Framework annual assessment.

We rely on the information supplied by the Registered Housing Association being accurate and complete. We do not accept liability if this is not the case. Also liability will not be accepted by us for actions arising from a third party’s use of the information or views contained in these reports.

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