Culture, Arts and Heritage Strategy

In October 2022, the Minister for Communities launched a codesign process to develop a new vision and strategy for culture, arts and heritage.

Culture, Arts and Heritage – A Way Forward

The approach was outlined in a Way Forward document which aimed to shape better ways for the culture, arts and heritage sectors to be more fully recognised, harnessed and supported as key enablers of a thriving society.

Building on the work of stakeholders

This process advances the recommendations of stakeholders who shaped emergency responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, and who called for a longer-term strategy to support recovery.

The CAH Strategy Taskforce

The reconvened Taskforce brought together stakeholders from across the Culture, Arts and Heritage sectors who have mapped out a sectoral development and investment report to reorientate how the culture, arts and heritage sectors are collectively perceived, engaged and supported across government. 

The work of the Taskforce has now concluded with the presentation of the report, ‘Investing in Creative Delivery,’ to the Department. This document will inform the process to develop  a new Culture, Arts and Heritage Strategy.


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