Culture, Arts and Heritage Strategy

In October 2022, the Minister for Communities launched a codesign process to develop a new vision and strategy for culture, arts and heritage.

Building on the work of stakeholders

This process advances the recommendations of stakeholders who shaped emergency responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, and who called for a longer-term strategy to support recovery.

A way forward

The codesign approach has been outlined in a Way Forward document.   

This aims to shape better ways for the culture, arts and heritage sectors to be more fully recognised, harnessed and supported as key enablers of a thriving society. A codesign structure provides focal points to bring together insight and learning from across wider networks and sectoral interests:

  • Culture, Arts and Heritage Strategy Taskforce
  • Local Government Catalyst Group
  • Central Government Catalyst Group

These groups will work together to include other voices, plans, research and perspectives informed by people, places and communities across the region.


A recommended draft vision and strategy aims to be brought forward by Spring 2023 for subsequent wider public consultation.  


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