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This section contains a series of research papers and research reports on various topics produced by Professional Services Unit.

Professional Services Unit other research

These research and reports have been commissioned by the Department. PSU would welcome any feedback on the data, analyses and conclusions of the bulletins.

DfC Economic and Social Research Review

The PSU team have produced the Department’s Economic and Social Research Review. The purpose of the review document is to capture and disseminate key economic and social research relevant to the Department’s policy agenda to inform evidence-based policy making.

PSU regularly engages with other research providers and monitors relevant reports and publications which can inform policy development and delivery. To ensure the key areas of research included within this review are of strategic relevance to the Department the report begins by setting out the key research highlights identified over the past 12 month period followed by a summary of significant research reports relevant to the Department’s cross cutting themes:

  • Anti-poverty
  • Wellbeing & Inclusion
  • Sustainability & Inclusive Growth
  • Agility & Innovation

It is the aim of PSU that this document will be a valuable source of best practice economic and social research published by individuals, organisations and researchers in the fields relevant to the Department’s priorities. It is hoped that the research review supports policy makers in building the evidence base on the key challenges we face and contributes to the successful delivery of the DfC Strategy.

Collaborative Research

This Research Bulletin, jointly produced by Analytical Services Division in Department for Economy and Professional Services Unit in Department for Communities, sets out a short summary of what is known about the current state of the Northern Ireland labour market in the context of COVID-19, with a focus on young people as well as a range of indirect impacts.

Social Policy

The following reports are based on research commissioned by the Department’s Social Policy Unit (SPU).

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