Help to find employment

The Department provides support for Jobseekers through the Employment Service and Careers Service based at Jobs and Benefits Offices/JobCentres and resource centres. Support is also provided for people with disabilities through the Disability Employment Service and Occupational Psychology Services.

Advice for job seekers

If you are a jobseeker or job changer, advice on all aspects of jobseeking is available on nidirect.

You can access current employment opportunities by visiting JobCentreOnline NI website. JobCentre Online is the Department’s dedicated website for advertising vacancies and has full, part-time and casual vacancies across a wide range of occupational areas.

If you need further information on any of the jobs advertised or you want to speak to someone you can visit your local Jobs & Benefits office / JobCentre.You can also get information about on job trends, education and training opportunities as well as translation and interpretation facilities.

Jobs & Benefits offices and JobCentres have touch screen Job Points where you can access current job opportunities at home and abroad. 

Help for people with disabilities

If you have a disability or your health significantly affects the kind of work you can do, an Employment Service Adviser based in your local Jobs and Benefits office/JobCentre can provide help.

This help is provided through the Disability Employment and Service and Occupational Psychology Services. A full range of advice for people with disabilities is available on nidirect.

Disability Employment Service (DES)

The Disability Employment Service (DES) provides support to help employers recruit you if you have health issues or disabilities. It also helps employers to retain you if you become sick or disabled whilst in employment.

DES Further Information

Occupational Psychology Services (OPS)

Occupational Psychology Services (OPS) offer advice and guidance in areas relating to work, disability and health. If you have a health condition or disability, OPS can offer an employment assessment to help identify the impact of your condition, your strengths and abilities for work or training. This will help you make decisions about appropriate job goals, the steps you need to progress into work and support needed to retain work.

Careers Service

The Careers Service provides an impartial, all-age careers information, advice and guidance service, to help young people, parents and adults make informed choices about their future career paths. Professionally qualified careers advisers are based in Careers Resource Centres, Jobs and Benefits Offices and JobCentres throughout Northern Ireland. Careers Service information, advice and interactive careers tools are on nidirect.

Finding work in Europe

Jobseekers from the European Economic Area (EEA) member states have the right to live, work and study in any other member state without restriction. A full range of advice is available on nidirect.

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