A Fundamental Review of Social Housing Allocations

Consultation opened on 28 September 2017. Closing date 21 December 2017.


This Consultation Outcome Report sets out feedback from consultees. 18 of the proposals for change will proceed as per the original 2017 consultation. Two of the proposals (intimidation points and interim accommodation points) will not proceed and options will be explored for alternative proposals. The report also sets out next steps and timescales for implementation by the Housing Executive.


Consultation description

 The NIHE’s Housing Selection Scheme has been in place, largely unchanged, since 2000.  Housing stress is affecting over 26,000 households in Northern Ireland and over 12,000 households per year are considered homeless.

The Department recognised the need for changes to the current Housing Selection Scheme to make the allocations process more fair, transparent and effective for all. A consultation took place in 2017 on 20 proposals to change the Scheme.

Any queries regarding alternative formats should be sent to allocations@communities-ni.gov.uk

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