Protocol for the Care of the Government Historic Estate

Date published: 17 January 2019

A document set out by the Executive explaining how departments and agencies will put their commitment into practice for caring and protecting historic estates.


This document sets out what the Executive requires from all central government departments and agencies. It supersedes UK guidance of the same name, issued in 2003 by the Department of Culture Media and Sport.

The Government is committed to setting a good example in the care of its historic estate. This protocol explains how departments and agencies will put this commitment into practice. The maintenance of heritage assets in active use and good repair is part of a sustainable approach to the environment. A strategic, systematic approach to the management of historic property will help to achieve value for money and safeguard the special interest of this part of the environment.

All government departments report biennially on their heritage assets. Three biennial reports on the management of the government’s historic estate have now been compiled. The most recent report covering the period 2015-2017 includes the wider impacts of government departments' longer term management of heritage assets including legacy disposals. This is within the context of the continuing impacts of the restructuring of the functions and services of the formerly twelve government departments to nine.


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