Advice for Decision Making

Advice for decision makers on Universal Credit, Personal Independence Payment, new style Jobseeker’s Allowance and new style Employment and Support Allowance.

Decision Making and Appeals

Principles of Decision Making and Evidence | Claims | Revision | Supersession, Suspension and Termination | Appeals | Staying

Subjects common to UC, PIP, ESA and JSA

Payment of UC, PIP, ESA and JSA | Restrictions on payment of benefit | Evidence of age and death

International Issues relating to UC, PIP, JSA & ESA

International Issues relating to UC, PIP, JSA & ESA

Subjects common to UC, PIP, ESA and JSA

Overpayments, Recoverability, Adjustments, Civil penalties and Recoupment | Third party deductions | Deductions from Benefit | Loan interest payments paid direct to qualifying lender 

Universal Credit

Introduction & Entitlement | Benefit Unit, Awards & Maximum Amounts | Special Cases | Living Together | Benefit Cap

Child Element | Housing Costs Element | Work Capability Elements | Carer element | Childcare Costs Element 

Work Capability Assessment | LCW | LCWRA

Capital | Capital disregards | Earned income | Unearned income | Students and Student Income

The Claimant Commitment | Work-Related Groups | Work-Related Requirements

Sanctions – General Principles | Good reason | Levels of Sanctions | Effect of ESA and JSA Sanctions on UC | Reductions

Hardship | Sure Start Maternity Grant | Funeral Payments | Cold Weather Payments

Claims for Universal Credit | Effects of Transition to Universal Credit

Personal Independence Payment 

Conditions of Entitlement | Assessment for PIP | Hospitals, Similar Institutions & Care Homes | Payability Exceptions | Transitional Provisions | Good Reason

Jobseeker's Allowance

Jobseeking Periods & Contribution Conditions | Conditions of Entitlement | Claimant Responsibilities (Claimant Commitment & Work-Related Requirements) | Trade Disputes

Amount Payable & Part-Weeks | Employed Earners | Self-Employed Earners & Share Fishermen | Sanctions | Transition

Employment & Support Allowance

ESA Conditions of Entitlement | LCW & LCWRA | ESA Claimant Responsibilities | Disqualification | Award During Appeal

Amounts & Part-Week Payments | Duration of Award | Effect of Work | Employed Earners | Self-Employed Earnings | Assessment Phase and Components | Sanctions | Transitions

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