Advice for Decision Making

Advice for decision makers on Universal Credit, Personal Independency Payment, contribution-based Jobseeker’s Allowance and Employment and Support Allowance for people who are eligible for Universal Credit.

Decision Making and Appeals

Principles of Decision Making and Evidence | Claims | Revision | Supersession, Suspension and Termination | Appeals | Staying

Subjects common to UC, PIP, ESA and JSA

Payment of UC, PIP, ESA and JSA | Restrictions on payment of benefit | Evidence of age and death

International Issues relating to UC, PIP, JSA & ESA

International Issues relating to UC, PIP, JSA & ESA

Subjects common to UC, PIP, ESA and JSA

Overpayments, Recoverability, Adjustments, Civil penalties and Recoupment | Third party deductions | Deductions from Benefit | Loan interest payments paid direct to qualifying lender 

Universal Credit

Introduction & Entitlement | Benefit Unit, Awards & Maximum Amounts | Special Cases | Living Together | Benefit Cap

Child Element | Housing Costs Element | Work Capability Elements | Carer element | Childcare Costs Element 

Work Capability Assessment | LCW | LCWRA

Capital | Capital disregards | Earned income | Unearned income | Students and Student Income

The Claimant Commitment | Work-Related Groups | Work-Related Requirements

Sanctions – General Principles | Good reason | Levels of Sanctions | Effect of ESA and JSA Sanctions on UC | Reductions

Hardship | Sure Start Maternity Grant | Funeral Payments | Cold Weather Payments

Claims for Universal Credit | Effects of Transition to Universal Credit

Personal Independence Payment 

Conditions of Entitlement | Assessment for PIP | Hospitals, Similar Institutions & Care Homes | Payability Exceptions | Transitional Provisions | Good Reason

Job Seekers Allowance

Job Seeking Periods & Contribution Conditions | Conditions of Entitlement | Claimant Responsibilities (Claimant Commitment & Work-Related Requirements) | Trade Disputes

Amount Payable & Part-Weeks | Employed Earners | Self-Employed Earners & Share Fishermen | Sanctions | Transition

Employment & Support Allowance

ESA Conditions of Entitlement | LCW & LCWRA | ESA Claimant Responsibilities | Disqualification | Award During Appeal

Amounts & Part-Week Payments | Duration of Award | Effect of Work | Employed Earners | Self-Employed Earnings | Assessment Phase and Components | Sanctions | Transitions

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