Advice for Decision Making

Advice for decision makers on Universal Credit, Personal Independency Payment, contribution-based Jobseeker’s Allowance and Employment and Support Allowance for people who are eligible for Universal Credit.

Decision Making and Appeals

Principles of decision making and evidence, Claims and applications, Revision, Supersession, suspension and termination, Making appeals and Staying

Subjects common to all benefits

Payment of and Deductions from benefit, Overpayments, recoverability, adjustments and recoupments, Evidence, Living together, Imprisonment, Incapacity for work, Welfare to work, Earnings, Dependency increases, Overlapping Benefits and Hospital in-patients.

International issues

International issues

Personal Independence Payment 

Conditions of entitlement; assessment; hospitals, similar institutions and care homes; exceptions to normal payability rules; transitional provisions and good reason

Advice for Decision Making Memos

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