The function of the Rent Officer is to determine an appropriate rent for protected/statutory tenancies and for those where the property was built pre 1945 and found to be unfit for human habitation.

Role of the Rent Officer

Having considered all the circumstances of the tenancy, the Rent Officer will set a rent based on the facts provided.

The functions of the Rent Officer are funded by the department. The Rent Officer is required to be committed to making effective, economic and efficient use of resources and to act in good faith at all times. All decisions made by the Rent Officer are independent of the department. 

The Rent Officer has a responsibility to:

  • become conversant with the relevant legislation and regulations which are applicable to the operation of the post of rent officer
  • operate and take decisions on an impartial basis
  • liaise with Departmental staff that provides administrative support
  • liaise with external bodies in relation to the gathering and application of information needed to make accurate decision 

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