The purpose of the Empty Homes Strategy 2013-2018 was to ensure that the number of empty properties was kept to a minimum and to identify new opportunities to encourage owners to bring them back into use. 

What is an empty home?

An ‘empty home’ is defined as any residential dwelling regardless of how long it has been empty and, although it may be for sale, has limited or low interest from buyers.

Benefits to the community of bringing an empty home back into use

  • improving the appearance of the neighbourhood and regenerating communities
  • providing local affordable housing
  • reducing property deterioration and associated crime
  • cutting down anti-social behaviour (due to fire, vandalism, fly tipping and squatting)

A review of how the strategy and action plan has been delivered is available.

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How to request information from the Department for Communities including Freedom of Information (FOI) and the use of our Publication Scheme. You may also request your own personal information, via a Right of Access Request.

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