The Private Tenancies Act (Northern Ireland) 2022 - Sections 1-6 for Tenants and Landlords - translated flyers

Date published: 16 May 2023


On 1 April 2023 Sections 1-6 of the Private Tenancies Act (Northern Ireland) came into operation.

The introduction of this new legislation provides greater protections for those living in the Private Rented Sector.


Landlords must provide tenants with a free tenancy information notice within 28 days of a private tenancy starting. If a tenant pays for rent or any other payment relating to their tenancy in cash the landlord must provide them with a receipt. Tenants cannot be asked to pay a deposit of more than one month’s rent. Landlords now have up to 28 days to protect a tenancy deposit and up to 35 days to pass the required information to the tenant.

This document is translated into the following languages:

  • Tetum
  • Arabic
  • Portuguese
  • Lithuanian
  • Polish
  • Ukrainian
  • Farsi
  • Romanian
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