Hargey sets oot Owersettin Hub

Date published: 19 April 2021

Commonities Mannyster Deirdre Hargey haes theday set oot a new Airsch an Ulster-Scotch Owersettin Hub

Translation hub

Tha Hub, whutch wull be hoosed by tha Depairtment fur Commonities, wull gie owersettin sarvices fur tha nine Offys Abain Depairtments, Airm’s Lenth Bodies, Locyal Goverment an Publict Bodies forbye.

Mannyster Hargey allooed:

“A’m hairt gled tae declare tha settin oot o tha Owwersettin Hub. This bes yin a tha commeetments ower tha heid o tha New Decade, New Oancum writ.

“Tha Hub wull play a muckle pairt in tha owersettin an scrievin sarvices fur Airsch an Ulster-Scotch.

Mannyster Hargey allooed:

“Tha takkin in o fowk an commonities bes at tha hairt o aa oor daeins. As tha Mannyster wi owerance fur tha Airsch an Ulster-Scotch leids, A walcum tha ettlin o this Owersettin Hub.”

Notes to editors: 

  1. Mair wittins anent tha Owersettin Hub can be aiccessed at communities-ni.gov.uk/translationhub
  2. Aa tha Publict Bodies needin an owersettin maun gae strecht tae tha Owersettin Hub. Gin tha owersettin cannae be carriet oot in-hoose fur fear o leemitit throu-pit, tha Hub wud prepone tha richt bodie tae cairry oot tha wark.
  3. Media speirins tae tha DfC Press Offys.
  4. Tha Offys Abain Wittins Sarvice warks an oot o oors sarvice fur media speirins atween six at nicht an echt in tha moarnin Munday til Friday an at tha week en an publict hoalidays. Tha Oan Caa Press Offycer can be got at 028 9037 8110.
  5. Follae tha Depairtment oan Twitter @CommunitiesNI

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