Consultation on Private Tenancies Act 2022 Section 10 Electrical Safety Standards

Consultation opened on 13 September 2023. Closing date 06 December 2023.


The Regulations for Section 10 introduce certified 5-yearly checks of a private rented property’s hard-wired electrical installation by a qualified electrician.


Consultation description

A 12-week stakeholder consultation has been scheduled for 13 September 2023 via the NICS Citizen Space platform. It will be a targeted consultation focusing on engaging and obtaining the views of NI tenants, landlords, electricians, council enforcement officers, and all associated professional bodies/representatives on the draft Regulations.

This consultation runs alongside Section 8 which pertains to the installation of sufficient smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide alarms and aim to reduce the risk of fire related incidents in private rented properties.

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