Universal Credit - explainer videos for employers and self-employed

Universal Credit is a payment for working-age people who are on a low income or out of work. This page contains videos explaining how Universal Credit helps employers and employees and those who are self-employed.

Explainer video for employers

Universal Credit gives flexibility and does not have a 16 hour rule.  Employers can give employees more hours pay and responsibility. Claimants can consider short term work as their benefits are adjusted as they earn more. It offers more generous childcare support to help them increase their hours and availability. By making vacancies more flexible such as varying shift patterns and job sharing employers will attract a wider range of claimants including those claiming Universal Credit.

Universal Credit ensures employees are better off working and provides employers with a more flexible workforce. The Universal Credit taper means that Universal Credit is reduced by 55p for every £1 earned above their work allowance. Universal Credit can pay some childcare costs.
More information is available at nidirect.

Explainer video for those who are self-employed

This video explains Universal Credit for those who are self-employed including reporting business income and expenses and changes you must report to Universal Credit. More information is available at nidirect

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